General/Women’s Fiction

Best Laid Plans

When life gives you lemons…

World renowned chef, Damon Reemer, intended to die a bachelor.

He didn’t intend to die within eighteen months of a visit with his doctor, but the diagnosis he receives gives him exactly that.

Eighteen months to live.

Eighteen months to give his life meaning.

Eighteen months to do what he’d always wanted.

…make lemonade

Shaken by the news, Damon makes a reckless marriage proposal to, Angela Watkins, the one woman he’d betrayed.

He seeks forgiveness.

He needs redemption.

But she and her baby boy give him so much more…

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Piece of Cake

When seven year old Cirina “Rina” Powell comes to live with her relatives, the wealthy Parker family, she shakes up their carefully organized world.

Over several months the quiet child unwittingly suffers at their hands.

She becomes…

A child who withdraws into herself.

A child who learns to keep secrets.

A child who grows into a successful pastry chef who guards her heart.

But when she meets a handsome stranger with secrets even darker than her own, she must choose whether to love him or close her heart off forever…

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This Changes Everything

Karen Palmer hates the thought of firing an employee three weeks before Christmas, but accepts the challenge.

Until Joshua Akibu, an attractive, yet surly chemical engineer walks into their meeting holding an adorable infant.

Shocked and dismayed, Karen decides to defy her superior and give the single father a second chance, although it jeopardizes her job.

Joshua can’t believe his good fortune when the savvy and beautiful Karen decides to let him keep his job. Unfortunately, he has a problem.

The baby isn’t his.

However, one little lie will teach two cautious, wounded hearts a holiday lesson about love that changes them both forever…

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Promise Me

Her best mistake?

Widowed civil engineer, Cheryl Whelan, likes to speak her mind. Especially about her annoying tenant, toy designer, Bryant Hill.

However, when she says something that causes Bryant’s fiancée to dump him, Cheryl scrambles to fix the damage. Her husband’s illness left her drowning in debt and she needs the extra income.

So she makes Bryant a promise and offers to help him win his ex-fiancée back.

But neither can anticipate where one hasty promise will lead them…

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One father, five daughters, and a fun tale of family, love and tradition.

Meet the Barnett sisters: Faithful, good natured Beverly; headstrong, ambitious Janet; bookish, droll Francine; silly but sweet Trudy and bold, reckless Maxine. They live under the strict rule of their religious, Jamaican father in the small town of Hamsford where they’re content with their sheltered life.

But that comfortable life comes to an end when the sisters find themselves embroiled in scandal, devastated by betrayal and one is tempted by a forbidden love that threatens to rip their family apart.

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Winterwood Lane

“You saved our lives…”

Jobless, broke and facing foreclosure, Kate Elliot tries to end her life several days before Christmas, but wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how she got there.

Everyone in the Stokes family of Winterwood Lane considers her a hero. Except Evan.

After a bitter betrayal he does not trust her or anyone.

Can two broken hearts find joy during the holidays? Or is it too late?

A holiday family drama with a touch of romance from national bestselling author Dara Girard.

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Short Stories


Name Calling (General Fiction)

Aanu Folarin needed a job.

But in order to get one she needed to make a choice.

A choice her parents hadn’t given her.

A choice her friends had already made.

A choice that would either haunt her or liberate her for the rest of her life.

A short story about facing the future and the decisions one makes.


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A Work of Art (Women’s Fiction)

Fiber artist Tanya Beals desperately wants to sell something at the local craft show.

Unfortunately, no one wants to buy the unique pieces she sells.

So Tanya comes up with a plan that involves her gorgeous best friend, a handsome stranger and a little white lie.

But Tanya soon discovers that art, like life, isn’t always what it seems…

An inspiring short story about love, passion and the power of art.


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Well-worn Dreams (Women’s Fiction)

Candice prefers fantasy to real life.

She fantasizes about a better life but mostly about the stranger she sees at the library.

The stranger fulfills all her dreams.

Until one tiny action threatens to change that.

Forcing her to face reality in a way she never thought she could.


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The One Certainty (Women’s Fiction/Suspense)

Sylvia loved her cat Rossetti.
And Rossetti loved her.
But Sylvia’s friends said that wasn’t enough.
Until the day Rossetti proved them wrong.
A short story about betrayal and unconditional love.


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The Lady Next Door (Women’s Fiction)

Harmony Ellis has a problem and it comes in the form of her mysterious new neighbor, Miss Octavia Newberry.

This attractive young woman appears to have set her eyes on Harmony’s eligible son, Ray. But Harmony has already selected the daughter-in-law she wants. However, she’ll soon learn that the lady next door is full of surprises.


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In Praise of Daffodils (Women’s Fiction)

Jean Livesey-Chee worries about her brilliant but rebellious student Sabina Chase.
Every effort to guide and help the high school senior use her talent is met with disdain.
Jean despairs that she will never reach Sabina and that failing her will have far reaching consequences.
But one day Sabina will teach Jean a lesson she never knew she needed.
A short story for those who understand the power of art.
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The Other Woman (Women’s Fiction)

Andrea Harnett, a successful working woman, believes in the strength of her marriage.
Until she finds something in her drawer that shakes her to the core.
Soon she starts to question everything she knows about love, her husband and herself.

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Spare Room (General Fiction)

Tired computer programmer Michael Redwell doesn’t want house guests.
His wife Natalie does.
This time she gets her way.
Which forces them to face what they’ve been avoiding for years.
A story about healing and letting go.
Includes bonus story “A Thousand Words”


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Gym Class (General Fiction)

Straight A student Gerald Morgan doesn’t want to ruin his grade point average with an F in gym class.
So the out of shape teen asks the top runner at his high school for help.
And soon discovers what she’s really running from.
A short story for anyone who’s felt like giving up.


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Ten Days of Grace (Women’s Fiction)

A baby named Grace touches the lives of three women–a nurse, a mother and a doctor–in unexpected ways. A moving tale of healing through grief.


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The Phone Call (Women’s Fiction)

A voice full of surprises…

Regina Waters considers her voice a secret weapon. Not only doesn’t it match what she looks like, it also allows her to hide her true identity.

So when a stranger with a sexy voice accidentally dials her number, she hopes her lackluster love life will get a much needed boost.

Until he asks to meet her.

Suddenly, she has to face her biggest fear: Revealing the woman behind the voice.

This story and four others are included in the collection “Lost and Found”


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Berry Picking (Women’s Fiction)

Love comes with surprises…

Paula Oyelowo thinks she knows the kind of man she wants. Unfortunately, her mother wants her to marry for money. Her aunt wants her to marry for love. But a trip to a berry patch soon forces her to see what she wants for herself.


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A Thousand Words (General Fiction)

Yvette hates being a writer. After years of effort and little success, she calls it quits. Until a trip to a gallery, and the work of a photographer, shows her what creating art is truly about.


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Miss Lana Wilson (General Fiction)

A middle aged woman thinks that her life is set to be one way, but an old friend has a final lesson to teach her.


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A Gift for Philomena (Women’s Fiction)

A woman’s life of drudgery soon changes when an unexpected package arrives.


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A Home for Adam (General Fiction)

A marriage reaches a crisis point when a young boy arrives on the doorstep.


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Lola’s Decision (General Fiction)

Lola always wanted to study the arts. Her family wants her to be a doctor. Can she find a way to do both or will one dream have to be sacrificed?


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A Mother’s Day Wish (General Fiction)

Fifteen year old Cole Bailey needs a job to help support his family. But no one will give him a chance because of his family’s nasty reputation. He wants to give up until a newcomer shows him that wishes sometimes come true.


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The Special Guest (Women’s Fiction)

When her nephew fails to show up for a special holiday dinner, Miranda Simmonds has to act fast to save face in front of her neighbors.

So she asks a stranger to pose in his place.

A decision that comes with unexpected consequences.

A holiday tale with a dash of magic.


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Something New (General Fiction)

Lewa wants something different. Not the same family Thanksgiving dinner she has every year. So she suggests a simple change. One that will reveal a side to her family she never knew.


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New Year’s Surprise (Women’s Fiction)

Pam Rubin isn’t ready to ring in the New Year. Still reeling from the breakup of her marriage she’s not in the mood to celebrate. Until an unexpected meeting shows her that she needs to give love a second chance.


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A Cup of Cheer (Women’s Fiction)

Alyson loves to spread holiday cheer until she meets Gareth. Can she force herself to look past his gruff ways to the man underneath?

Includes complete bonus story “New Year’s Surprise”


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