Short Stories

The List (General Fiction)

When Lamar sees an old man struggling to carry his groceries, he watches from a distance.

A safe distance.

A former foster kid used to being feared, discarded or used, he approaches people with caution. If he approaches them at all.

But, in the spirit of the holidays, he makes a decision to take an action that won’t only change the old man’s life but also his own.

A holiday short story.


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For All Time (Fantasy)

Business consultant, Margery Davis, prides herself on planning everything.

However, she never planned on spending Christmas alone.

She blames poor choices and lost chances.

 Regrets assail her and she tries her best to drown them in alcohol.

Until one magical moment stops her.

A moment she could never believe while sober. A moment she could never remember drunk.

A moment that will change this holiday in a way she could never imagine.

A fantasy short story for those who believe in the healing power of love.


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Pawprints in the Clouds (Fantasy)

Paul Gibbons didn’t particularly like cats.

He especially didn’t like cats bearing gifts.

So when a striped grey showed up on his doorstep with a grisly one, he wanted to throw it away.

Reeling from his own loss, he didn’t want to accept anything from anyone or anything. The last thing he wanted to do was help.

Until the cat asked for a favor he couldn’t ignore.

The third fantasy short story in the  Pawprints series.


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Pawprints in the Grass (Fantasy)

Paul Gibbons didn’t really like cats.

But he had a weakness for kittens. A dangerous weakness.

So when an injured kitten needs his help, he doesn’t hesitate to offer assistance.

However, one reckless move in his attempt at rescuing it could reveal his secret. A secret that could not only endanger the life of the kitten, but his own.

The fourth fantasy short story in the  Pawprints series.


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Finding Francine (Mystery)

He’d never play football again.

Stuck in a hospital bed, Jackson Cook feels betrayed by the game he’d loved his entire life. But the game had let him down, like most of the people in his life.

Except for Jeanette Hadley, who comes to the hospital and asks for his help. 

She needs to find a missing cat. A special cat named Francine.

However, finding Francine won’t be easy and neither will what Jackson needs to face in order to find her.


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Name Calling (General Fiction)

Aanu Folarin needed a job.

But in order to get one she needed to make a choice.

A choice her parents hadn’t given her.

A choice her friends had already made.

A choice that would either haunt her or liberate her for the rest of her life.

A short story about facing the future and the decisions one makes.


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Pawprints in the Heart (Fantasy)

Paul Gibbons didn’t trust cats.

And he didn’t like being followed.

Especially by an insistent grey cat that didn’t seem to care. She demanded attention…and help.

But finding out why she needed him—only him—could prove dangerous and threatens to expose secrets he needs to keep hidden.

A fantasy story for fans of Pawprints in the Snow.


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The Tamarind Ball (Fantasy)

As a young girl, Ayino’s father banished her from the family house.

Determined to make her way back she devises a clever scheme.

But when she enters the house again, she uncovers a dangerous secret.

A secret that could cost her everything she holds dear.

A stirring fairy tale short story of magic and fate.


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Lost (Fantasy) 
Call center operator, Krista Nichols, loves coming to the rescue of others.
So when she meets a stranger in the woods, she is eager to help him.
Except the stranger isn’t a person.
And she may not be able to help.
A reality that may free or haunt her for years to come.
A story about letting go.






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The Reason Why (Mystery/Suspense)

Carolyn Thomas only wanted a pack of gum.

She didn’t want another date with the nice guy who had asked her out or to notice the child in the crowded convenience store.

A child with frightened eyes. A child who reminded her of herself.

Carolyn wanted to leave the store and forget them both.

But Carolyn wouldn’t get what she wanted…

A short story about the unexpected consequences of one look.


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A Work of Art (Women’s Fiction)   





Fiber artist Tanya Beals desperately wants to sell something at the local craft show.

Unfortunately, no one wants to buy the unique pieces she sells.

So Tanya comes up with a plan that involves her gorgeous best friend, a handsome stranger and a little white lie.

But Tanya soon discovers that art, like life, isn’t always what it seems…

An inspiring short story about love, passion and the power of art.


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Well-worn Dreams (Women’s Fiction)

Candice prefers fantasy to real life.

She fantasizes about a better life but mostly about the stranger she sees at the library.

The stranger fulfills all her dreams.

Until one tiny action threatens to change that.

Forcing her to face reality in a way she never thought she could.


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One Wish (Romance)

Tony Blake likes to follow orders. The former soldier finds comfort in rules and working for respected businessman, Alex Carlton, gives him that.

Unfortunately, he can’t fight his fierce attraction to Alex’s fiancée, Gabriella Duvall, a beautiful woman he must escort to events when Alex can’t attend.

When Tony accompanies Gabby to a wine and chocolate pairing event at a luxury hotel, his true feelings threaten to come to the surface.

Especially when Gabby asks him a seemingly innocent question that shakes him to the core…

A short story for fans of The Glass Slipper Project curious to see another side of Tony and Gabby’s romance.


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Silence (Fantasy)

Nine-year-old Damion Herold can see and feel sounds.

That makes him different from everyone he knows. It also makes him want his parents to stop fighting.

He wants silence, more than anything, and makes a wish for Christmas.

A wish that comes true.

But not in the way he expected…

A holiday story of loss and renewal.

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Pawprints in the Snow (Fantasy)

Paul Gibbons didn’t like cats.

But the skinny cat on his doorstep looked near death and its haunting green eyes pleaded for his help.

He wanted to turn away. He needed to protect his secret.

However, he couldn’t.

And the  decision could either cost him his life or be his salvation.

A fantasy story about facing one’s destiny.


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BLIND EYE (Mystery)

High schooler Ayo Davis watches the clock.

He makes every second count—from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed he stays on schedule.

Until he discovers a dead body.

The fallout ruins his perfect timetable and forces him to look beyond the clock and face what he didn’t want to see.

A short story about taking a stand.


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The One Certainty (Women’s Fiction/Suspense)

Sylvia loved her cat Rossetti.
And Rossetti loved her.
But Sylvia’s friends said that wasn’t enough.
Until the day Rossetti proved them wrong.
A short story about betrayal and unconditional love.


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The Lady Next Door (Women’s Fiction)

Harmony Ellis has a problem and it comes in the form of her mysterious new neighbor, Miss Octavia Newberry.

This attractive young woman appears to have set her eyes on Harmony’s eligible son, Ray. But Harmony has already selected the daughter-in-law she wants. However, she’ll soon learn that the lady next door is full of surprises.


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WRONG TURN (Suspense)

Beth Wilcock lives in fear.
Someone keeps calling and leaving threatening messages.
The phone calls started after a simple car accident.
An accident that will escalate to something much worse.


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An angry, overweight teen writes letters to her former best friend when her friend goes missing.
The police think she may know something about the disappearance.
She doesn’t think so.
But soon her letters reveal she knows more than anyone ever suspected, especially herself.


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In Praise of Daffodils (Women’s Fiction)

Jean Livesey-Chee worries about her brilliant but rebellious student Sabina Chase.
Every effort to guide and help the high school senior use her talent is met with disdain.
Jean despairs that she will never reach Sabina and that failing her will have far reaching consequences.
But one day Sabina will teach Jean a lesson she never knew she needed.
A short story for those who understand the power of art.
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The Neighbor (Suspense)

After a long day, Anita Cross just wants to enjoy a hot latte in her favorite coffee shop.
But when she sees her new neighbor, a mysterious man whose name she can’t remember, she senses that means trouble.
In minutes she discovers just how much when he approaches her table and demands she leaves with him for her safety.
But can she trust him?
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The-Other-Woman-GenericThe Other Woman (Women’s Fiction)

Andrea Harnett, a successful working woman, believes in the strength of her marriage.
Until she finds something in her drawer that shakes her to the core.
Soon she starts to question everything she knows about love, her husband and herself.

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SpareRoom_JessadaRungkhakulnuwat200Spare Room (General Fiction)

Tired computer programmer Michael Redwell doesn’t want house guests.
His wife Natalie does.
This time she gets her way.
Which forces them to face what they’ve been avoiding for years.
A story about healing and letting go.
Includes bonus story “A Thousand Words”


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GymClass2_StephenMetz123rf200WebGym Class (General Fiction)

Straight A student Gerald Morgan doesn’t want to ruin his grade point average with an F in gym class.
So the out of shape teen asks the top runner at his high school for help.
And soon discovers what really makes her run.
A short story for anyone who’s felt like giving up.


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WEB DARA GIRARD 8Ten Days of Grace (Women’s Fiction)

A baby named Grace touches the lives of three women–a nurse, a mother and a doctor–in unexpected ways. A moving tale of healing through grief.


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The Phone Call (Women’s Fiction)

A voice full of surprises…

Regina Waters considers her voice a secret weapon. Not only doesn’t it match what she looks like, it also allows her to hide her true identity.

So when a stranger with a sexy voice accidentally dials her number, she hopes her lackluster love life will get a much needed boost.

Until he asks to meet her.

Suddenly, she has to face her biggest fear: Revealing the woman behind the voice.

This story and four others are included in the collection “Lost and Found”


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Berry Picking (Women’s Fiction)

Love comes with surprises…

Paula Oyelowo thinks she knows the kind of man she wants. Unfortunately, her mother wants her to marry for money. Her aunt wants her to marry for love. But a trip to a berry patch soon forces her to see what she wants for herself.


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AThousandWords200A Thousand Words (General Fiction)

Yvette hates being a writer. After years of effort and little success, she calls it quits. Until a trip to a gallery, and the work of a photographer, shows her what creating art is truly about.


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MissLanaWilsonCoverFinal200Miss Lana Wilson (General Fiction)

A middle aged woman thinks that her life is set to be one way, but an old friend has a final lesson to teach her.


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GiftForPhilomena200A Gift for Philomena (Women’s Fiction)

A woman’s life of drudgery soon changes when an unexpected package arrives.


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AHomeForAdam200A Home for Adam (General Fiction)

“Send him back!”

Adam Trelawn needs a place to stay.

His Uncle Jonah wants to give him one.

However, his wife Claire doesn’t.

With a marriage already on shaky ground will Jonah risk following his heart and sense of duty?

Or will his choice destroy the one thing Adam needs most—a family?

A heart-warming story about second chances and the true meaning of home.


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Lola’s Decision (General Fiction)

Lola always wanted to study the arts. Her family wants her to be a doctor. Can she find a way to do both or will one dream have to be sacrificed?


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MothersDayWishCover200A Mother’s Day Wish (General Fiction)

Fifteen year old Cole Bailey needs a job to help support his family. But no one will give him a chance because of his family’s nasty reputation. He wants to give up until a newcomer shows him that wishes sometimes come true.


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Holiday Stories

TheSpecialGuest_Konstanttin123rf200WebThe Special Guest (Women’s Fiction)

When her nephew fails to show up for a special holiday dinner, Miranda Simmonds has to act fast to save face in front of her neighbors.

So she asks a stranger to pose in his place.

A decision that comes with unexpected consequences.

A holiday tale with a dash of magic.


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The Gift Box (Fantasy)

Mother-to-be Tamara Cole doesn’t know what to think when her husband gives her an empty box on Christmas Eve.
Except he says it’s not empty.
And he’s not the only one who says so.
A fantasy story about choosing what to believe.
This story is also included in the collection “10 Holiday Stories”

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ASongtoRemember_BruceRolff200A Song to Remember (Fantasy)

Aging, jaded singer Sharon Burnell could use some holiday magic.

After years of success she feels like a has-been.

Until one special night reminds her of what she’s truly gained.

A story of magic and remembrance.

Includes bonus story “A Fortunate Mistake”


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ThePerfectChristmas200The Perfect Christmas (Romance)

Kenneth Preston wants the perfect Christmas for his wife and daughter.But the sight of stones left on his doorstep warn that may not be possible. As Christmas draws near, he struggles to fight the ghosts of his past, which threaten to steal what he loves most.


For readers who fell in love with Jessie and Kenneth in The Sapphire Pendant, you will love this short holiday tale.

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Something New (General Fiction)

Lewa wants something different. Not the same family Thanksgiving dinner she has every year. So she suggests a simple change. One that will reveal a side to her family she never knew.


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NewYearsSurprise200New Year’s Surprise (Women’s Fiction)

Pam Rubin isn’t ready to ring in the New Year. Still reeling from the breakup of her marriage she’s not in the mood to celebrate. Until an unexpected meeting shows her that she needs to give love a second chance.


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AFortunateMistake200A Fortunate Mistake (Fantasy)

An unexpected phone call.
A mysterious stranger.
A simple mistake.
Marina expected a miserable holiday, instead she gets an amazing gift.

A magical holiday story.


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ACOC_200x300A Cup of Cheer (Women’s Fiction)

Alyson loves to spread holiday cheer until she meets Gareth. Can she force herself to look past his gruff ways to the man underneath?

Includes complete bonus story “New Year’s Surprise”


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