10ThingstoForgeteBookCover200Information overload kills creativity.

Long term professional artists (i.e. writers, musicians, entrepreneurs) don’t let this get in their way.

Find out how to:
Ask the right questions
Become more productive
Avoid self-sabotage
Discover what truly matters
And more…

This informative, entertaining guide is for artists who are ready to trust themselves and unlock their creative genius.

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The Award Winning Book for Writers

Anyone can become a writer.The trick is staying a writer. Harlan Ellison

Have you ever stared at a blank page and wondered what to do next?
Have you ever received a rejection and wanted to call it quits?
Have you ever watched your first book sink like a stone?

If you have, this book is for you!

At some point every writer—published or unpublished—experiences the pain of rejection, discouragement, and other hazards of the writing life. Resilience is facing the obstacles ahead and knowing how to overcome them. Most authors disappear after a few books and very few freelance writers can survive financially.

Learn the truth about failure

Discover the ultimate dream killer

Find out how to get rid of a Wet Blanket

Discover the one secret every full-time writer knows

And much more…

If you think making a living as a writer is a matter of luck, this book will show you how to create your own luck and other tips to lead you to writing success. Your destiny is at hand.

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