From This Day Forward

The Language of Flowers

From This Day Forward Book 1

Maya Kayode, the black sheep of the Kayode daughters, hates flowers.

So when her sister tosses her the wedding bouquet, Maya does her best to avoid catching it.

And ends up nearly killing Keeden Adesina.

The one man she hates more than flowers.

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Sooner or Later

From This Day Forward Book 2

Sweet and obedient Ava Kayode takes pride in following the rules.

So she senses disaster when her flower hating sister, Maya, dodges the wedding bouquet thrown at her.

But Ava never imagined her two sisters’ actions would alter her carefully constructed life plan. Within weeks she loses her fiancé and starts lying to cover the truth from her meddling mother.

Soon one lie leads to another and eventually leads her into the arms of her best friend Dai.

The one man who could turn her organized world upside down in the most amazing and tantalizing ways.

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This Time Forever

From This Day Forward Book 3

Nobody notices Cat Kayode. She feels invisible in comparison to her beautiful sisters.

But when a bouquet toss at her sister’s wedding ends in disaster, Cat finds herself thrust into the path of the one man who not only notices her, but despises her too. 

Bryant Meadows can’t look at Cat without remembering a painful and humiliating incident that happened years ago. He avoids her every chance he gets.

Until he discovers something surprising about Cat that not only shakes him to his core, but causes him to look at her in a whole new way…

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